Legal advice and representation, in the areas of mediation and family law (separation, divorce, alimony, child support)

  • Are you looking for a lawyer to advise you on your financial and legal situation after a separation or in case of a divorce? Are you seeking information about the Swiss law regulations on child custody and visiting rights?
  • Do you need a lawyer to represent you in court?

There are different ways of settling a separation or a divorce case, depending on whether both spouses agree to a negotiated settlement (Trennungs- or Scheidungskonvention) or not. Under Swiss law, it is possible to negotiate a settlement in full or only in part, leaving certain questions to the decision of the court.

My qualification
I am a certified lawyer, admitted to the Swiss Bar and I am also a certified specialised lawyer in family law, a degree, issued by the Swiss Bar Association (Fachanwältin SAV Familienrecht).

I am also a qualified mediator (SDM) and I provide mediation in family law, especially for separation and divorce.

With the help of a mediator, who is neutral and does not take sides, the parties try to reach an agreement concerning the situation for the children, the living arrangements (e.g. who is to remain in the house/apartment), finances and all the other issues, which need to be settled. Often there are more options to solve a conflict or question than originally assumed. Both parties get together with the mediator for several meetings and try to resolve the dispute by discussing the issues, revealing their interests and by negotiating different alternatives.

Mediation is an alternative to litigation, and in successful cases, it can avoid long and costly proceedings in court.

Legal representation and legal advice
If you prefer to have a lawyer to represent your interests in court, you can ask for legal representation. A lawyer, too, will usually try to reach a negotiated agreement with the other side first. The lawyer will be your representative and defend your interests.

Or perhaps you just wish to receive advice on your legal situation. This is also possible and we can arrange an appointment for an initial consultation.

Further information
For further information, please contact me by telephone or e-mail (please note that e-mail correspondance is not as safe as other means of communication). If you have questions concerning your legal situation, the procedure or costs, I will be glad to give you further information and/or arrange an initial meeting.          
Tel. 0041 61 272 20 10

English language
In Basel, the official language in court is German, and if needed, translators will be available for hearings. Since I grew up in Switzerland bilingually with English and (Swiss) German, I speak both languages fluently and I can correspond with you in English.